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Entry #5


2009-02-07 09:04:49 by stigthomas

i have been blowin in the whistle more than 60 times and i still has not the bronze whistle but why?

i need to know please say it


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2010-02-27 06:57:12

It is probable that many of your whistles have not been noticed. Ordinary whistles don't count for much and unless you are supported by a few other people, there is not enough whistle points to attract a mod to do anything. Also, unless you are VERY good at getting the right things, a few of your whistles will not result in deletion, in which case they will give you some negative points.
See this to learn about whistle blowing: /387389
Keep blowing that whistle and clean up the portal- Go to todays subs, look at those that have passed judgment and click on reivews for those that have a very low score - whistle any that are DEFINATELY abusive.
Best Wishes